We strive to never go to a landfill. It may take more of our time, but it is part of our mission statement. It is the goal of Earth Wise Junk Removal & Recycling to provide an affordable, professional junk removal service as well as dumpster rental to residents and businesses in Maine and Southern Maine while at the same time, helping the environment for our children and creatures of the Earth.  With us being a consumption based economy, junk is filling our landfills, at an alarming rate.  We hand pick all of your unwanted items and recycle, reuse, or donate to good causes.  Ww strive to be sure that over 3/4’s  of the junk we remove is recycled, reused, or donated!

So where does your stuff go?

With so many organizations looking for donations and ways to reuse and recycle your stuff, we are experts at matching your junk with the appropriate facility to avoid the landfill. Sorting everything by hand allows us to do what no other junk removal company can do – put nearly every item back to use in some shape or form. Recycling is in our blood. Why shouldn’t it be?

If you would like your items to be reused, recycled, or donated, and not simply brought to a landfill, then contact Earth Wise Junk Removal to help us help you, and the environment. We can assure you that you will be glad you did!

Junk Removal