Our company provides professional junk removal services in Lewiston, Maine and surrounding cities.

Our company, Earth Wise Junk Removal and Recycling, is made up of a group of stellar employees that are dedicated to helping our customers get rid of their unwanted junk. We help make people’s lives easier by removing what is no longer being used or needed. We do this in the most environmentally conscious way we can, as our world struggles with the growing climate crisis. The United States alone is responsible for 254 trillion tons of trash being produced every year. As a company, we know it is crucial to do everything we can to reduce waste and help more people recycle or re-home their unwanted items. If you have junk that you aren’t using and needs to be thrown out, we’ll come collect it and dispose of it mindfully.

Our company’s mission is to keep trash and junk out of dumps and landfills wherever possible. We are able to accomplish this by recycling items that are beyond reuse and repurposing or donating items that are still functional but you no longer want or need them. With the help of local charities and non-profit organizations, we can donate these items and make sure they find a new home or a serve a different purpose elsewhere. We help Lewiston stay responsible with easy junk removal.

Our Junk Removal Services for Lewiston, ME

  • Oil Tank Removal. Oil tank removal doesn’t have to be a bother when you can call us for help. We’ll safely remove your old oil tank and dispose of it as responsibly as we can.
  • Brush Removal. Is your yard full of branches, leaves, and other trimmings after a long hard day’s work? We can help! We’ll come remove the brush from your house so that you don’t have to.
  • Appliance Removal. We’ll come to your house and remove any old or unwanted appliances for you so that you don’t have to. Simple and hassle-free as always.
  • Furniture Removal. Furniture takes up a lot of space, especially if it’s unwanted. Out with the old and in with the new, we make it easy and will remove all of your old or unwanted furniture for you and recycle it.
  • Hot Tub Removal. There’s nothing worse than a hot tub that no one uses just taking up space. We can take care of that for you by removing it and disposing of it responsibly.
  • Basement Clean Out. If your basement is full of junk and unwanted items, fear not. We’ll come and clear everything out so that you can remodel the space or fill it with… more junk.
Junk Removal Trailer

Our Prices

We are lucky to boast the best pricing around, with affordable rates that you’ll love. Our truck loads or trailer loads are based on volume, not weight or guesswork, so you know exactly where we stand. Our trailer loads are over 300 cubic feet, which is about double the volume of a truck load. This design keeps our pricing system simple and makes your choice that much simpler when choosing our services.

Our Team

Our goal was to create a team to work efficiently and professionally and to get the job done right. We’ve done just that by employing such a hard-working group of people. When our team shows up at your door, you already know that you’ll receive great service and clean work. We won’t leave a mess after we leave and we’re a company you can count on.

Give us a ring or send us a text. You’re more than welcome to contact us about any inquiries or requests that you might have. Our response time is usually within a few hours or maximum one day. If you’d like a quick quote or speedy service, text us directly with photos of the items to be removed and your location information.

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Truck Load – For Small Loads We Utilize our Fuel Efficient Pick Up Truck (minimum order is $450)

  • 1/4 Load – $125
  • 1/2 Load – $150
  • 3/4 Load – $175
  • Full Load – $185

Small trailer Which Equals Over 300 Cubic Feet or About Double the Volume of the Truck Load

  • 1/2 Load – $200
  • Full load – $275
  • Full load double trailer – $400 – $450 (depending on location and contents)

We Can Make Multiple Trips If Needed of Course and Can Load Both the Truck and Trailer for Additional Cost

Please text us the pictures of your junk and location information at (207) 233-9140 for a fast quote/service.