Our company provides professional junk removal services in Biddeford, Maine and surrounding cities.

Earth Wise Junk Removal and Recycling starts with a team of incredible employees that endeavor to make people’s lives simpler by getting rid of what no one wants anymore. A large part of our goal in removing people’s junk is to do it in a way that is environmentally friendly by keeping junk out of landfills. It’s well known that the planet is facing a climate crisis that continues to grow in severity. In the U.S. alone we dispose of an estimated 254 trillion tons of garbage every single year. It’s crucial to us as a business to do our part in minimizing waste and helping more people recycle and repurpose their possessions. If you have furniture or other old items that you no longer need, we will be thrilled to come and pick it up and throw it out responsibly.

It is our company’s mission to bypass the disposing of junk in landfills unless we cannot avoid it. We do this is by repurposing or recycling stuff that you no longer need or want and locate local charities and non-profit organizations that will accept these items and find a new use for them. We are committed to assisting our local community with junk removal and recycling as well as donating to local charities that will rehome your items that you’re done with. Biddeford has never had junk removal so easy!

Our Junk Removal Services for Biddeford, ME

  • Oil Tank Removal. We’ll remove your broken oil tank so that you can focus on other more important things. Our team will come uninstall and remove it from your home and get rid of it responsibly.
  • Brush Removal. If you’ve been doing some yard work and clean up, we can take care of the remains. Our brush removal service will dispose of all your leftover trimmings.
  • Appliance Removal. Old appliances are often difficult to dispose of when you’re trying to move in their replacements. Don’t worry, we’ll handle that for you hassle-free.
  • Furniture Removal. Our furniture removal service was created to assist you in clearing out items that are no longer used around the house, like sofas and tables in disrepair so that you can refurnish your home with new décor.
  • Hot Tub Removal. If you’ve got a hot tub that is now just an empty, unused husk, we’ll remove it and find it a new place to exist.
  • Basement Clean Out. So, your basement is one of those spaces that has become more of a storage unit of junk than the dream space you wanted. We can help clear out the clutter so you can turn your basement into what you’ve always dreamed of.
Junk Removal Trailer

Our Prices

You’ll love our best-in-town pricing and won’t want to miss out on such affordable rates. Our system is simple in that we charge by volume per truck or trailer load. Our trailer loads are over 300 cubic feet, which is about double the volume of a truck load. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for thanks to our easy rate system.

Our Team

Our fantastic group of technicians is trained to work for you as quickly and professionally as possible. You can anticipate excellent service and clean work when our team shows up at your house. We’re quick and dependable and always ensure there’s no mess for you to have to clean up either.

Hearing from you makes us happy. Please feel free to reach out to us about any inquiries or requests that you might have. We’ll get back to you within hours or at most a day. If you’re looking for ultra fast service or a quick quote, text us with photos of your to-get-rid-of items and your location information.

Contact Us

Truck Load – For Small Loads We Utilize our Fuel Efficient Pick Up Truck (minimum order is $450)

  • 1/4 Load – $125
  • 1/2 Load – $150
  • 3/4 Load – $175
  • Full Load – $185

Small trailer Which Equals Over 300 Cubic Feet or About Double the Volume of the Truck Load

  • 1/2 Load – $200
  • Full load – $275
  • Full load double trailer – $400 – $450 (depending on location and contents)

We Can Make Multiple Trips If Needed of Course and Can Load Both the Truck and Trailer for Additional Cost

Please text us the pictures of your junk and location information at (207) 233-9140 for a fast quote/service.