Hot Tub Removal Services Maine

We provide professional hot tub removal services in Portland, ME and surrounding cities.

One of the most difficult items to have removed from your home is a hot tub. They take up a lot of space and are not easily deconstructed. They also don’t fit in your car or likely even your truck bed. If you’re not using your hot tub or it’s just plain old, then it takes up a lot of area that could otherwise be repurposed! That’s where we come in. Earth Wise Junk Removal and Recycling will come to your house and remove your hot tub for you. With our equipment and technicians, it’s an easy job that saves you the hassle and stress of trying to remove it yourself.

Our company’s mission is to keep junk out of landfills as much as possible. This means that we take the extra time to recycle or donate your junk so that we’re doing our part to help keep the planet healthy. We’ll dispose of your hot tub in the most environmentally friendly way we can. You can even text us a picture and your location information for ultra-speedy service so that we remove your hot tub as fast as possible allowing you to either replace it or reimagine the new space!

Why Choose Us & Our Process

  • Easy and safe removal. We know that hot tubs are bulky, heavy, and difficult to remove on your own. Our techs will arrive and make quick work of your hot tub with no hassle and no mess.
  • We care for the environment. We try to avoid landfills whenever possible. They are bad for wildlife and take up huge amounts of land. If there are salvageable parts to your junk, we’ll make sure they’re recycled or repurposed
  • Expert technicians. Trained and efficient, our team will handle all aspects of the job, from removal to transportation, to recycling or donation.
  • Personable, professional, and gracious staff. Our team is made up of some fantastic individuals who take our business seriously. They enjoy helping others and value our company goals.
  • Recycling and donating items. Our team takes the time to salvage any items or parts of your junk that could be recycled or donated to local charities and non-profit organizations. We take extra care not to be wasteful.
Junk Removal Trailer

How much does it cost?

Your hot tub is full of reusable materials that we can take advantage of and donate to various companies and charities that can refurbish them and put them to better use. Our removal rates are affordable and competitive, so call us today to find out how easy it is to remove your junk with us!

Our goal is to remove your hot tub so that you can use that time otherwise, whether it be new plans for the space or a new hot tub. We work hard so that you don’t have to. We are excited to provide service to almost all locations in Portland, Maine, but we also cover many other locations. Some of these other locations in ME are (but not limited to): Brunswick, Biddeford, Bangor, Lewiston, Sanford, York, South Portland, Auburn, Scarborough, Saco, Westbrook, Augusta, and Windham.


Truck Load – For Small Loads We Utilize our Fuel Efficient Pick Up Truck (minimum order is $450)

  • 1/4 Load – $125
  • 1/2 Load – $150
  • 3/4 Load – $175
  • Full Load – $185

Small trailer Which Equals Over 300 Cubic Feet or About Double the Volume of the Truck Load

  • 1/2 Load – $200
  • Full load – $275
  • Full load double trailer – $400 – $450 (depending on location and contents)

We Can Make Multiple Trips If Needed of Course and Can Load Both the Truck and Trailer for Additional Cost

Please text us the pictures of your junk and location information at (207) 233-9140 for a fast quote/service.