Are you sick and tired of stumbling upon old and useless things in your garage, but you don’t have the time or the equipment to clean all the junk by yourself? There is old and bulky stuff that you even do not know where to dispose. All in all, you would like to have a clean and neat garage, but you do not know who to call for help. You do not even know how to be sure that the company for junk removal and garage cleanouts is professional enough so you could hire them. Here are some pointers you should have in mind when hiring junk removal company for garage cleanouts that also apply to basement cleanouts.

How fast will the junk be removed?

In the business of junk removal, it is of most importance how quick the company will react and in what amount of time your garage will be free from the junk again. The good junk removal service provider will take away your junk within 48 hours after your call.

Will they take everything?

A good junk removal service will not hesitate to take everything you decide is a junk no matter how heavy or bulky it is. For example, you might need old appliance removal or furniture removal because you no longer have plans to use it.

Adequate equipment

A junk removal company should have appropriate equipment and vehicles for the job. You should check that before hiring any of them. Realistically, how easy do you think hot tub removal or oil tank removal is without a proper vehicle?

Skilled and trained technicians

Maybe you think that training is not necessary but that is only because no one ever broke something in your home while carrying out the junk.

Reasonable price

The pricing system of the company for junk removal should be simple so the client can understand it. The price should be based on the volume of the junk or the amount of loaded space in the truck.

Proper disposal of junk

Every junk removal company should take care of the environment and the safe way for disposal of junk. They should be connected with different kinds of facilities for junk disposals such as landfills and recycling centers. You should always ask them where the junk will end up and they should be able to give you the answer.

Will you have to clean after the cleaning company?

Every professional junk removal company will clean everything after themselves. It is the same as with a professional construction or decoration company or individuals. You should be left only with your clean and neat garage.