Electronic devices and appliances had become a great part of our household items. Most of us cannot imagine their lives without electronic gadgets. If some of you are not sure which devices belong to electronic waste and what are the ways of removing them and recycling them, you should read the rest of this article.

Electronic waste includes all old technology like computers, TVs, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, stereos, etc. Since the development of new technologies is rapidly growing, so is the amount of e-waste increasing and so does the issue of its disposal. If you need appliance removal, the following tips will help you in doing that properly and without a risk to the environment.

Donate it or resell it

Before disposing or recycling your old devices, ask your friends, relatives or neighbors whether they need those items. Maybe you consider it trash, but it is a treasure to them. Also, you can donate your old PC or TV to the local organizations such as Goodwill or Dell Reconnect. Good way to get rid of the e-waste is to sell it on eBay or BestBuy. Buyers of electronic waste are obliged to relate correctly to it.

Responsible electronics recycling

According to the Maine Electronic Waste Law, electronic devices should be disposed and recycled having in mind the great harm they can cause to the environment if they are not removed properly. The problem with electronic waste is large because if heavy metals like mercury, cadmium or lead go into the soil or water, they will present a huge threat to every living creature.

In order to remove and recycle your electronic waste properly, call the nearest places that deal with this by visiting the Maine Department of Environmental Protection or take a look at the map Help ME Recycle. Also, you can take your e-waste on a collection day that is held annually in Portland.

Call professionals

Probably the best and the most responsible way you can deal with the electronic waste is that you call professionals for removing and recycling e-waste. That way, you do not have to worry whether your electronic junk is in good hands and whether it is recycled or not.

Companies that provide these services are required to deal with electronic waste according to the Maine Electronic Waste Law which regulates everything related to electronic waste.