Did you renovate a business space, the entire house/apartment or you represent a construction company that wants to hand over the building to the customers as soon as possible? Then, a lot of work is still in front of you. A mess at the construction site can be huge and requires a lot of cleaning. You can do it yourself or let the construction workers do the job, but excellent results are not guaranteed.

Cleaning after construction work is inevitable, and it is neither easy nor simple. Depending on the type and volume of construction works, cleaning of both business and residential premises after construction works or renovation can require more or fewer people and specific equipment.

Cleaning after the completion of construction works involves removing all residues (lime, paint, adhesives from ceramics, carpentry, etc.) and bringing an object into a dedicated function, which is a job for professionals in cleaning a construction site. If you wish to get the construction site clean and ready in no time the best option if you live in Maine is that you call the dump guy to take care of the job.

If you have completed the construction or renovation of the building or some other smaller space, then probably everything is covered with dust and there are much waste and debris. The problems that you are facing after the construction workers had left are always similar and not pleasant, from lime on windows and floors to mortar on ceramics and soiled wet knots.

Cleaning up a construction site requires special equipment and skillful and experienced workers. In addition to special cleaning equipment, professional cleaning service also deals with special cleaning agents and their workers are trained to handle them.

Before you decide to involve in the adventure of cleaning a construction site by yourself, you should be aware that cleaning after construction works includes:

  • Removing foil from painting
  • Removing garbage and bulky waste (furniture parts and doors, debris, etc.)
  • Cleaning dust from all surfaces
  • Removing stains from carpentry and floor surfaces
  • Washing glass surfaces – windows
  • Completely arranged and cleaned furniture
  • Suction, wiping and floor cleaning – manual and mechanical
  • Cleaning and disinfection of kitchen, bathroom, and toilet
  • Glazing and polishing of flooring: parquet, marble, and tile
  • Completely refreshing space

In order to have your construction site cleaned well and in a timely manner, you should call experienced professionals to do the job.