Junk removal services can be essential for people who are renovating their hones, moving from one home to another or even conducting a thorough house cleaning. Most junk removal companies will take care of everything for you, but there are still several things you must take into consideration before they arrive.

Don’t try to clear out your whole house in a day. Take on this task over the course of a few days or weeks, going one room at a time. Begin with the largest or most difficult room and work your way down to the simplest, least cluttered rooms. If a room seems particularly challenging to you, divide it in half or in fourths. Breaking down a large project into smaller ones makes it much easier to manage.

Do separate your junk into different categories, such as “things for the hauling company to handle,” “donation items” and “things to keep.” If you find something you’re not sure if you want to throw away, set it aside in a fourth “maybe” pile, and return to those items when you’re finished. Use the “things to keep” category for any items you might want to hold onto or give to a friend or family member who might need or want them. Having items separated and categorized will make the loading process quick and efficient for the movers.

Do consolidate your junk before the junk removal company arrives. Break down boxes into smaller sizes and package things together that fit. Many companies charge based on the square footage of your junk, so consolidating your things could possibly save you money.

Do clean down your junk before it’s taken away; it sounds silly, “clean your trash,” but having clean junk makes it easier for the hauling company to get it out of your house. Having clean recyclables also makes it easier for the removal company to get those items to recycling facilities.

Don’t lift any heavy items yourself. The company you hired has a crew on staff that is better suited to do that job. In fact, that is exactly what you’re paying them to do, so leave the old furniture where it is for now.

Don’t package hazardous materials such as chemicals, oils and solvents in with the rest of your junk. Call the junk hauling company first to ask which materials, if any, they will not pick up. Oftentimes they will pick up hazardous materials, so long as they are packaged properly and separated from the rest of the items to be picked up.

Consider these dos and don’ts before hiring a hauling company to remove the junk from your home. Taking these tips into consideration will ensure that the company’s visit will be as efficient and cost effective as possible.