Before you pay anyone to dispose of your junk materials, make sure to do the proper research. There are countless companies out there offering similar services, and it is vital that you don’t simply go with the one that’s offering the lowest price, but instead carefully look at what each company is offering. You are going to want to hire a certified and licensed junk removal provider who will effectively discard of your junk.

First, you should consider the company’s reputation. Are they a trustworthy company? Research local junk removal companies online to see if any have good word-of-mouth. Ask around to people you know and trust and see if any of them have had any positive experiences with junk removal companies. What caused them to recommend that company to you? Would they go back and hire that company again?

After you consider reputation, you should go online and see if that company belongs to any associations. For example, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List and YellowPages are three associations that would lend a considerable amount of credibility to a company belonging to them. Once on these association’s webpages, you can often see how they do in the context of the greater industry.

Next, you want to consider pricing. What is this company offering? Is this in line with their pricing, or is it not enough? If they offer a lot for a low price, is there a catch? Make sure to look through their website for full details on what they are offering. Remember, you get what you pay for. A company offering junk removal at a very low price, it’s likely that service and quality may be subpar. A trustworthy company will offer you an estimate based on the square footage of your junk. It is not recommended you trust or hire a company that won’t give you a price estimate.

A few other things to consider are insurance, flexibility and environmental awareness. Always research and see if the company you are looking to hire is insured. This one should go without saying. If something happens during the junk removal process, will you be covered? A junk removal company that is not insured is inviting problems.

You want to avoid companies that are inflexible or maintain strict pickup schedules. Make sure the company is able and willing to work around your schedule, since it is you who is paying them for the service they offer. Any company that won’t work with you to find a mutually beneficial time for removal is not one worth hiring.

When getting rid of trash, it’s important you take environmental concerns into consideration. Does this company recycle plastics, papers and metals? Do they donate reusable items? It’s easy to toss everything in a landfill and call it a day, but a good junk removal service should be committed to recycling at every opportunity.